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春のホリデイコース 2018/4 Spring Holiday Course / Do I need prior Japanese knowledge to take the Student Visa Course?

The Japanese Immigration Bureau rules state that potential students from China, Mongolia, Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Philippines must meet a minimum Japanese language requirement (JLPT N5 and at least 150 classroom hours) before any Immigration application will be considered.

For other countries, you are also required to have basic Japanese knowledge before arriving in Japan.
This is necessary as Matsudo International School’s curriculum is not designed for absolute beginners (no knowledge of hiragana or katakana).
If you do not have any prior Japanese knowledge at the point of application, you may sign up for any basic Japanese course near your location and provide us with the proof of enrolment.

It is highly beneficial to have at least JLPT N5 and 150 classroom hours of Japanese for the following reasons:

  • Better application standing with the Immigration Bureau
  • Easier time adapting to life in Japan
  • Learn more, faster and better during your studies with us

The Embassy of Japan in certain countries (other than the 8 stated above) may also request for Japanese language interviews before the visa can be issued. Failing this interview will result in the rejection of visa application, therefore learning Basic Japanese before your application to us is highly recommended.

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