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Life In Japan

Life in the heart of Modern Japan

Chiba is a prefecture located to the west of central Tokyo. While Tokyo is often at the top of ‘Most expensive cities’ lists, the prefectures outside of central Tokyo, Chiba included, are much more affordable, and offer the same conveniences as any modern city.

While life in Japan may be confusing at first, it is not much different to any developed capital. Japan has world-class transport facilities, leisure, shopping and eating experiences, and a wealth of culture and history for you to discover in your time here.


In Tokyo and its surrouding prefectures, living space in the city areas is at a premium. Most city dwellers live in apartment buildings. In comparison to most Western countries you may find apartments smaller than those you are used to.


Japan offers a variety of cuisines so you will always be spoilt for choice. Japanese bentous and sushi, Western fastfood, Italian pasta and much more. If you are in a hurry, convenience stores offer microwaveable lunches and snacks to go. Food in Japan is well known for its excellent taste and quality, while priced very reasonably. Dining out with family and friends is also easy with the huge number of restaurants to select from in the city areas and neighbourhoods.


Japan has a well-developed and reliable public transport system. Cities and most towns are connected by multiple train lines, subways and buses, with Tokyo itself having over a dozen train lines. Smart cards are used across the transport systems, making getting around both affordable and efficient.

Bicycles are a very common form of transport in urban areas and city centers. Taxis are quite expensive for anything other than a short journey.

Part-Time work in Japan

Visa students are able to undertake part-time work up to 28 hours a week (40 hours a week during Summer/Winter breaks), within regulations stated by the Immigration Authorities. Part-time work is a great way to use and communicate more confidently in Japanese, and earn extra allowance for personal use.

Entertainment and Leisure

Central Tokyo is 40 minutes away, with concerts venues, amusement parks, shopping, food & drink, sports and all the entertainment and leisure facilities a capital city affords.

Nearer the school itself are shops, restaurants, karaokes, parks and gardens and much more. Also, Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea are only 30 minutes from our location.