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Part Time Jobs

Part Time Jobs

Students who come to Japan on a Student Visa are eligible to work part time.

 Students may work up to…

  • 8 hours per day
  • 28 hours per week (School Term)
  • 40 hours per week (School Vacation)


Merits of Part Time Work in Japan

1. Offset living expenses

2. Practice and apply your learnt Japanese knowledge

3. Learn from Japanese people

4. Make new friends


Part-Time Job Matching and Support

Matsudo International School provides part-time job matching and support for our students. We maintain good relationships with businesses around the neighbourhood and regional companies alike, and are regularly approached for recruitment of part-time employees.

 Students are eligible to use our part-time job matching once they meet the following conditions:

  • 1 month after arrival in Japan (if beginner)

    Students with higher Japanese proficiency (JLPT N4 or above) may use our services immediately after class commences

  • No issues with conduct and attendance

 Students are matched to part-time jobs based on:

  • Japanese proficiency
  • Skills and capabilities
  • Personal preferences

 Support is provided in the form of:

  • Resume writing guidance
  • Interview guidance
  • Emergency contact to employer

    (in case of sickness, accidents or trouble at work)

Common places with part-time work available…

  • Convenience Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Hotels



Students who possess high Japanese proficiency and fluency, or possess specialised skills and abilities will be eligible for larger varieties of part-time work, including office jobs.