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Have absolutely 0 Japanese knowledge, but wish to study Japanese? The Introductory Course provides you with all the basic knowledge necessary for you to start your learning journey with us for our yearly Standard Course’s April/July/October/January Beginner Intakes!

■ Suitable for:
Individuals who have 0 Japanese knowledge or insufficient Japanese knowledge to qualify for the Student Visa Course or Standard Course.

■ Duration and Class Timings:
3 weeks starting MARCH/JUNE/SEPTEMBER/DECEMBER (This course is conducted yearly)
9:00AM to 12:30PM

■ Language requirements:
You are recommended to memorize all hiragana and katakana before the course begins.

■ Fees:

Registration fees – JPY 15,000
Course fees (3 weeks) – JPY 45,000
(Fees are inclusive of 10% tax and teaching materials) 


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