Various accommodation options are available.



Stay at low-cost minimalist accommodation options managed by Matsudo International School, all located within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from our school and 2 train stations.

Supermarkets, restaurants, shops, banks and post offices are all located nearby within walking distance as well.

Basic bedding, furnishing and necessities are provided.

One-time Registration Fee: JPY 77,000
Single (1 person to 1 room) – JPY 35,000~40,000 /m
Share (2 person to 1 room) – JPY 25,000~30,000 /m


  1. Fees may vary slightly depending on location.
  2. Subjected to availability. Limited vacancies.

Guest House

Stay at one of our approved guesthouses within the vicinity of the school.

Please check the above links for more information regarding fees, availability and other details.


Rent Your Own Place

If you would like to rent your own place, you may use one of our 3 partnering housing agents in Japan:

  1. Honda Real Estate
  2. House Partner
  3. Pitat House

Please note: the initial fees required to rent your own place is estimated to be about 4-6 months’ worth of rent.


Stay with Family or Friend

If you have family and/or friends living close to Matsudo International School, you may request to stay with them throughout the duration of your studies if you meet the following conditions:

  1. 45 minutes door to door travel time to school location
  2. Family/friend member must submit identity and contact information to school, and be contactable at all times (in case of emergencies)

Note: Each request is subject to approval by a case-by-case basis.


Which option is the best for me?

Monthly Rent$

(JPY 25,000 ~ 40,000)

(JPY 42,000 onwards)

(JPY 40,000 onwards)
Upfront Cost$$

– One-time Fee JPY 77,000
– Advance payment of 6 months’ rent

Varies (JPY 30,000 onwards)

Approximately 4-6 month’s worth of rent as various miscellaneous fees. Varies from house to house.

To ensure safe and harmonious environment for all tenants, strict rules are in place.
Fairly Strict

Guesthouses are places of communal living and therefore have rules in place.

You and/or the friends you are renting with are directly responsible to the housing agent and landlord you are renting from.

All of our dormitories come with high speed internet, shared by up to 6 tenants
Slow – Fast

Quality depends on the number of concurrent users and the type of internet connection the guest house uses.
Fast – Very Fast

You are free to select your internet provider of your own choice, according to your needs.
Suitable forIndividuals seeking for hassle-free, minimalist and affordable options Individuals preferring to live in an environment with opportunities to meet people from various other countriesIndividuals who prefer to have freedom, privacy and/or fast internet connection.