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About Us

Teaching Japanese to International Students
for 25 years


Established in 1989, Matsudo International School is a Japanese language school offering high-quality hands on tuition in an interactive, friendly, relaxed environment.

Accredited by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education, we have 25 years of experience, constantly providing quality Japanese language education and support for all our students from across the world.

Our teaching staff are individuals with certified teaching qualifications or degrees, and are experienced with teaching and nurturing even beginners into confident speakers of Japanese.




At Matsudo International School, we are committed to provide teaching excellence and fullest educational support to all of our students, to bring out their fullest potential in their endeavours in learning the Japanese language. We also aim to support our students in their journey onto future endeavours, such as further studies or careers in Japan.



We believe that each individual is capable of mastering the language of Japanese with sufficient effort as long as they are nurtured in the right learning environment, given plenty of exposure to the culture, environment of the country and the language itself, and taught an intrinsically developed curriculum that encourages curiosity and growth towards learning.




Effective communication in Japanese is the central focus of our teaching. Our curriculum covers all aspects of the language – Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing and Comprehension. We provide guidance for students to reach their language goals, such as JLPT or EJU examinations, employment or further studies in Japan. Our students are constantly encouraged and given opportunities to practice the language, especially in conversation.