Scholarships at Matsudo International School



For youths who already have JLPT N4, or did well in their previous school studies.



For people who love Japan and wish to bring smiles to the elderly of Japan.



Scholarship Awards provided to our current students as incentives for putting in effort in their studies.


AJP Scholarship

The Accelerated Japanese Programme is a scholarship provided by GLOWBIZ to enable students who are passionate about Japan to achieve their dreams.

Scholarship Details:
Up to JPY 122,000 towards their first-year school fees at Matsudo International School.

Contract Term:
At least 1 year 6 months of study at Matsudo International School

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Eligible Countries:
Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia.

2. Criteria 1 – GPA / WAM / Overall Grade:
Final average score acquired in last school of study (university/highschool) must be at least 75% of the max. score.
If the school’s max GPA is 4, 5 or 7, you must have 3, 3.75 or 5.25 respectively.
If your high school or university uses other assessment scales, please contact us with a scan of your documents.

3. Criteria 2 – JLPT Requirement:
Must have achieved the demonstrable equivalent of JLPT N4 in one of the following methods:

  1. Completed the 2nd volume of the following textbooks at a university, high school or Japanese language center: Japanese for Busy People / Minna no Nihongo / GENKI
  2. Achieved the equivalent of JLPT N4 level in any of the following tests: JLPT / BJT / NAT / JTEST / TOPJ

To apply:

Please contact us for via our enquiry form for more information.
Your eligibility will be assessed and further instructions provided if eligible.

– This scholarship is offered by a third party, and is subject to the screening, selection and approval by the scholarship organisation. Matsudo International School does not have any authority or influence over decisions made by the scholarship organisation.
– This scholarship cannot be used with other promotions or scholarships.


Special KAIGO Scholarship (Caregiving)

Japan is an ageing society and is constantly looking to hire caregiving staff to bring smiles to elderly folks’ lives.

Matsudo International is authorized by the Chiba Prefectural Government to offer the Official KAIGO Scholarship (caregiving).


A. Scholarship Details
If you qualify for the programme…
During your Japanese language studies in Japan…

You can receive up to:

  • Rent Aid of JPY 30,000/month (Total of JPY 180,000)
  • School Fees Aid JPY 50,000/month (Total of JPY 300,000)
  • Work part-time at partnering care-giving facilities for JPY 1,000 per hour.

You are also able to receive the above financial aid after you have progressed on to studying at a vocational college!

B. Scholarship Requirements

  1. Apply for the Student Visa Course at Matsudo International School. Must meet eligibility and financial requirements of Student Visa Course.
  2. After 6 months of studies, selection and application for scholarship begin. Assessment will be based on attendance, results and attitude.
  3. [ Selection Criteria ] Selection process occurs yearly.
    • Must be able to achieve at least JLPT N3 upon graduation.
    • Must have excellent attendance and results.As the maximum duration for studies in a Japanese language school is 2 years, there are up to 2 chances to be selected.
  4. Must stay at assigned accommodation for the duration
  5. Possessing qualifications such as below is beneficial towards selection: Nursing, Caregiving, Nutrition, Physical Therapist, Sports Trainer etc.

C. Contract Duration
[ Language Studies ] Japanese School → 1 to 2 years
[ Skill Certification ] Vocation College → 2 years
[ Employment ] At specified caregiving facility → 5 years

Total duration of 8 to 9 years.

This scholarship covers from you from language studies all the way to employment!

This programme is funded by the Chiba Prefectural Government to help students achieve the national “caregiving (KAIGO)” qualifications and employment.

Successful completion of this programme allows individuals to qualify for the “Caregiving (KAIGO)” visa, allowing for long term employment in Japan!!

To apply:

Only current students in Matsudo Int’l School’s Student Visa Course may apply. Applications are to be done in person at Matsudo Int’l School.

Note: This scholarship is offered by multiple third parties, and is subject to the screening, selection and approval by the scholarship organisations involved. Matsudo International School does not have any authority or influence over decisions made by the scholarship organisations.


In-house Scholarship Awards

Matsudo International School also offers in-house scholarship awards as an incentive for putting in effort into their studies and attendance.

Awards include:

  1. Perfect Attendance Award
  2. Best in Class Award
  3. Best Effort Award
  4. JLPT N3 / N2 / N1 Awards


Current Student Visa Course students of Matsudo International School who meet the criteria of each awards.


  1. Awards 1, 2 and 3 are assessed at the end of every semester.
  2. JLPT Awards are assessed after the exam results are released.