Supporting your student life in Japan.


Japan Life Support

Life in Japan can be difficult at first, especially due to language and cultural differences. We offer the following types of support to ensure that our students can have a positive experience living in Japan:

  • Orientation for New Students
    – School Rules
    – Life in Japan
    – Japanese Culture
    – Financial Planning
    – Crime and Crime Prevention
    – City Office / Residence Card Registration
    – Bank Account Registration (Post Office Bank)
    – Mobile Phones and SIM Cards in Japan
  • Japan Life Advice and Counselling
    Need help with certain aspects of life in Japan?
    Both our teaching and non-teaching staff are happy to help!
  • Part Time Work Support
    Part Time Work is a regular part of Japanese youths and foreign students studying in Japan.

>> Click here << for more information regarding part time work in Japan.


Further Studies & Career Guidance

Japanese is perhaps just the first step in your career plan. What comes next?

At Matsudo International School, we also provide Further Studies and Career Guidance so that you may smoothly transition into your next endeavor and career stage in Japan.

Further Studies Support

  • School selection advice (University/Vocational Schools)
  • Documentation assistance
  • Interview practice

Career Guidance

  • Job selection advice/HR company assistance
  • Entry sheet/resume assistance
  • Interview practice

Welfare and Heath Counselling

Being far away from home, sometimes you may not what to do or what options you have when you have fallen ill, or when you have some troubles that you wish to speak to someone about.

As a student of Matsudo International School, please do not hesitate to consult our staff regarding any sickness or troubles you are facing with your life in Japan. Your health and welfare are of our highest concern.